Services and Procedures

We offer a large variety of services and procedures from complete obstetric prenatal care, complete gynecological care, adolescent/menopausal care to ultrasounds and bone density testing.


Complete Obstetric Prenatal Care

Congratulations! Learn more about what to expect including visits and testing, what you are feeling, signs of labor, when to call, exercising during pregnancy, over the counter drugs that are safe during pregnancy, as well as working and traveling during pregnancy and even more…


Complete Gynecological Care

We offer a large range of contraceptive options including permanent birth control and in office tubal ligation. We also treat stress urinary incontinence and perform hysteroscopy.


Dysis Colposcopy

The DYSIS Advance Cervical Imaging System is the next generation Colposcope with an Advance Cervical Scan. We are the only practice in the area utilizing this technology to diagnose cervical cancer.


Adolescent Care

Our office provides the kind of one-on-one care young women want in an atmosphere that allows them to feel comfortable talking about their health.


Menopausal Care

Our health care providers can help you deal with the physical and emotional changes associated with menopause.



We offer the latest technology of in-office ultrasounds performed by a registered diagnostic medical ultra sonographer, Mary Ward, R.D., M.S.


Bone Density Testing

A bone mineral density (BMD) test can help your health care provider confirm a diagnosis of osteoporosis.